Mike Willmoth (mwillmoth) wrote,
Mike Willmoth

July 1 Update

Our bid for Bouchercon 2010 was accepted by the Standing Committee.  We also got approval from our overflow hotel for our room block there.  We still have to find a tertiary site to round out our total room block.  I'll take care of that post-Westercon 61.

While carrying a bin of books out of the bedroom today (Tue) I tripped and fell.  The rest of the day had me limping with one knee with a bump and the other hurting.  I also banged both elbows.  My right big toe also hurts like a mother.  This weekend in Las Vegas should be interesting with the walking wounded.

I took our old goldie to the vet today for boarding while we're out of town.  We are moving our pets slowly to the vet around the corner, about 12 miles closer than our former vet.  I did have to have the former mail us the vaccination record for her, but they were already full so it wasn't an unusual request.  She seemed excited with all the new people, animals and smells.  At least she won't be outside in the heat while we're gone.

The Westercon 62 website is much improved and work continues on the revamp.  We now have our Committee/Staff list up as well as our Membership list.  The next step is to post the area updates that currently have no pages linked yet.  It's a work in progress.  You can find it at www.fiestacon.org if interested.

Tomorrow (Wed) we pack up and drive to LV for W61.  Before we do I have to take care of some family business, take a rescued kitten to friends for a new home, pack, feed the rest of the pets, and about 100 other things that need handling before we hit the road.  With any luck we'll be on the road around noon MST=PDT.  All bets are off, though :-)

<== Mike ==>

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