Mike Willmoth (mwillmoth) wrote,
Mike Willmoth

2012 Year In Review

Last year was another busy year. My wife and I did a lot of traveling, mostly to conventions and mostly to promote the Phoenix In 2014 NASFiC Bid. As Bid Chair I'm expected to do that. Now that we have an official competitor for the NASFiC I expect to attend more conventions and spend more funds than originally intended. But, that's the way it goes when bidding a convention.

My wife worked in her store again until the heat forced her to close it for the season. It is still losing money, but that's not a surprise since it's only finished its second year and entering its third. It takes time to figure out what to carry, how to display it, etc. We hope to be in the black this year with luck.

On the social front we lost a few long time friends due to misunderstandings on their part, but we also made additional friends thanks to all the traveling. It's always disturbing to go through the former, but you can't change how people view their universe. We continue to strive to make a positive difference in those whom we touch on a daily basis. Time will tell if we are successful.

We lost more of our pets due to old age and illness last year. Our dog is getting older, but is still with us. We still have numerous cats with most outside. We continue to try to catch them, pick their pockets and release them.

Jean and I look forward to more traveling in the coming year. We hope all of our friends have happy, healthy lives.

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